Calibration of UV by Photometric Accuracy with Screenshot

Calibration of UV Photometric Accuracy

Calibration of UV Photometric Accuracy

Potassium Nitrate  solution

Prepare 1.065 % w/v. 0.710 % w/v, 0.355 %w/v solution of Potassium Nitrate (Previously dried at 130 C) .

Go to Photo metric mode

  • Press Ctr+M
  • Add wavelength 302 nm { Select RAW DATA }
  • Auto zero
  • Then keep the Potassium Nitrate Solution in the sample cell holder & using water as a blank. 
  • Close the cell compartment.
  • Click Start
  • And record the observed Abs. 

Acceptance criteria:-

Concentration % w/vAbsorbance limit
1.065 %0.741 to 0.761
0.710 %0.490 to 0.510
0.355 %0.240 to 0.260

Screenshot of UV Photometric Accuracy
Screenshot of  UV Photometric Accuracy

If calibration is satisfactory then affix the status label on it with the next due calibration date.


Once in a 3 month


Indian Pharmacopoeia/ British Pharmacopoeia/ US Pharmacopoeia / TGA Appendix D SOP : Operation Of Spectro Photometer

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