Effluent Splitter (Older Technology)

Effluent Splitter (Older Technology)

What is an Effluent Splitter?

An effluent splitter is a T-shaped piece with a port which provides a path for excess flow. An effluent splitter is used with a capillary direct interface. The column can deliver a large flow; the mass spectrometer will only use the flow that the restrictor will allow and the remainder of the flow is discarded.

Effluent Splitter Inlet Advantages

  • accommodates wide-bore or narrow-bore columns
  • no need to vent to change columns
  • no vacuum effects on chromatography or retention time

Effluent Splitter Inlet Disadvantages

  • sample is split - only allows a small portion of the sample to enter the mass spectrometer
  • more places to leak
  • a plug can occur in the restrictor
  • split ratio is slightly temperature dependent

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