SOP guidance on the Cleaning of Glassware in Microbiology

Establish and implement Cleaning of Glassware in Microbiology

Cleaning of Glassware in Microbiology


House – Keeping of Laboratory

  1. The laboratory is cleaned every by a Laboratory attendant . Scrubbing and wax polishing of laboratory floor is also done on regular basis.
  2. The working tables and chemical shelves are cleaned by the laboratory attendant everyday.
  3. All doors, cupboards and shelves are painted once in a year.  White washing of laboratory is done once in a year.
  4. Damaged tiles of shelves, floor and roof are changed whenever required.
  5. Besides this cleaning of electrical items viz. ceiling fans, tube lights, exhaust fans etc. is done whenever required.  Fused tube lights are replaced as and when required.
  6. The glassware's are cleaned by laboratory attendant using chromic acid / detergent, rinsed with distilled water and dried in air / oven as required.
  7. All electrical items and water-taps are checked thoroughly while going in the evening by one of the senior analysts.
  8. Appropriate fire extinguishers are located at conspicuous sites in the lab.  All working personnel are trained to operate them.
  9. First aid box is also available in the microbiology laboratory at a defined place.

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