Identification of Rubberlike Plastics | chemwifi

                                       Identification of Rubberlike Plastics

Identification of Rubberlike Plastics | chemwifi


This standard  prescribes the methods of test for qualitative and quantitative analysis of vulcanized Rubberlike Plastics .


  • Test tubes


Method for  Prepare Solution -

This reagent solution is obtained by dissolving 6 – 7 ml of pure iodine monochloride in glacial acetic acid (up to 1 liter). The solution must be kept in the dark and has only a limited lifetime.


To test the polymer, dissolve it in carbon tetrachloride or molten. p-dichlorobenzene (melting point 50 °C) and react it dropwise with the reagent.

Heat 0.5 g of the sample in a test tube. Pass the pyrolysis vapors into 1.5 ml of the reagent described below. Observe the color, and then dilute the solution with 5 ml of methanol and boil for 3 min.


Result is confirm by color given in chart . 

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