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Hi Friends,
My name is Aman Sah. I am a professional blogger from India having rich experience in the Consumer Services Industry (Skilled in Textile & Leather) field. After the completion of Textile Engineering in 2012 from State Board of Technical Education Patna, I started job in the Textile & Leather Industry. I worked in various positions in Testtex India laboratories and Aroma laboratories (India) Pvt. Ltd. After getting a rich experience of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and ISO/IEC 17025, I started my blog Chemwifi in 2018 with sharing my knowledge with Consumer Services professionals. I write article on Textile & Leather product testing topic related to  Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Method  Validation & Standard operating  procedures (SOPs).
You can join me on Email- info@chemwifi.com

About Chemwifi

Chemwifi was started in 2018 to share the Knowledge with the professionals. It covers a lot of topics those are helpful in the professional career as well as to manufacture the Quality products (Textile & Leather).
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