DCI Inlet

DCI Inlet

DCI Inlet

What is a Desorption Chemical Ionization Inlet?

The Desorption Chemical Ionization probe is used to rapidly heat a sample, giving it the energy it needs to ionize under conventional chemical ionization conditions. This process increases theenergy of an analyte molecule to become a proton acceptor, i.e. <M+H>+. This is accomplished by heating a thin film of the analyte which has been deposited directly onto the probe's filament.The chemical ionization conditions and current through the filament are controlled through external hardware.

This process differs from performing chemical ionization analysis using a DIP in the rate at which the sample is directly heated. By heating the sample rapidly, thermal degradation is minimized in DCI.

DCI Advantages

  • soft ionization technique for samples not compatible with GC analysis
  • sample less likely to degrade due to fast heating effects

DCI Disadvantages

  • pure sample needed

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