Determination of Colour Fastness to Rubbing – Textile Material



Colour Fastness of Textile to Rubbing


  • Crock Meter
  • Grey scale



a) Rubbing finger

  • Diameter-3.2 cm
  • Flat area-2.5 cm
  • Circular transition radius -0.32 cm

 b) Rubbing cotton cloth

  • Cut in squares- 5X5cm
Colour Fastness of Textile to Rubbing

NO. OF TEST PIECES                       

 4 (Each not less than 14X 5 cm)

  • Cut the sample in warp ways -2(1 for dry & 1 for wet rubbing) and
  • Cut the sample in Weft ways-2 (1 for dry & 1 for wet rubbing)


  • Fix the sample in rubbing device by using clamps.
  •  Rubbing it to and fro in straight line along a track 10 cm long on the dry specimen 10 times to and fro in 10 seconds with downward force 22N ( for pile fabrics, including floor covering ) or 9N (for all other textiles).  
  •  For wet rubbing, wet the rubbing cloth with water (if cloth is 1 g means, wet up to 2g )
  •  After rubbing ,dry the cloth at room temperature
  •  Assess the staining of rubbing cotton clothes with Grey scale.


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