Determination of colour fastness to water – Textile Materials

colour fastness to water 

colour fastness  to water - Textile Materials


  •  Perspirometer



  1. Stainless-mass 50 N
  2. Acrylic resin plate base-11.5X6cm and – Thickness 0.15cm
  3. Oven temperature (37±2oC)
  4. Two adjacent fabrics or multi fabrics  – (each 10X4cm)
  5.  Grey scale


  •  Distilled water



more than one (place the sample 10X4cm between the two Adjacent fabrics or multifibre and sew along one of the Shorter Side to form a composite specimen)



1. Condition the sample to moisture equilibrium in standard atmosphere temperature 27±2oC and HR 65± 2 %.for 24 hour.

2. Thoroughly wet the sample in distilled water.

3. Allow it to remain in the solution at room temperature.

4. Pour off the water; place the composite specimen between two acrylic resin plates (11.5X6cm) under force 50 N.

5. Keep testing device in oven for 4 hour at 37± 2oC.

6. Open out the composite specimen by breaking the stitching on all side except one of the shorter side.

7. Dry by hanging it in air (not exceeding 60oC.)

8. Assess the change in colure of the test specimen by the method prescribed in IS 


9. The degree of staining of the two pieces of adjacent fabrics by the method in IS 769-1982


Note: If sample is multicolor fabrics- minimum one sample for each colour


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