Determination of Colour fastness to Dry cleaning – Textile Material

Colour Fastness  to Dry Cleaning

Colour fastness  to Dry cleaning - Textile Material


  1. Suitable mechanical device – Speed-40±2 rpm water bath temp-30±2oC
  2. Stainless container – 75±5dia, 125±10mm, capacity-550±50
  3. Non-corrodible stainless steel discs – 30±2mmX3±0.5mm, mass-20g±2g
  4. Undyed cotton twill cloth (12X12) – Mass per unit area 270±70gper m2      
  5. Grey scale. 
  6. Glass tube-dia-25mm


  •   Perchloroethlene 


1. Condition the sample to moisture equilibrium in standard atmosphere temperature 27±2oC and HR 65± 2 %.for 24 hour. 

2. Prepare a bag with inside Dimension of 10X10cm using twill cloth by sewing together two squares of this cloth around three sides

3. Place the specimen and 12 steel discs inside the bag.

4. Close the bag any convenient means.

5. Place the bag containing the specimen and steel discs in the container and 200ml perchloroethlene solvent at 30 ±2oC for 30min.

6. Remove the bag from container withdraw the specimen.

7. Place it between absorbent papers or cloth and squeeze remove solvent. then dry at 65±5oC (air)

8. Evaluate the change in colour of the treated test specimen with grey scale.

9. At conclusions, filter the solvent and compare with unused solvent in glass tube placed in front of white card using transmitted light by means of grey scale of assessing staining.


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