Determination of Scouring Loss in Silk Textiles Materials

This SOPs prescribes a method for determining the scouring loss in silk textiles materials.


A known amount of sample is scoured with mild soap and soda solution. The loss in weight is determined and expressed as a percentage of the dry weight of the sample.


  • Desiccator.
  • Weighing bottles – with stopper
  • Oven  – 105° to 110°C
  • Beaker 250 ml


  • Sodium carbonate- 1 percent.
  • Soap solution – preferably olive oil soap


  • Take a test specimen of about 5 g in a previously tarred weighing bottle.
  • Dry the test specimen in the drying oven at 110°C for two hours, cool in a Dessicator
  • Weigh accurately to nearest 2 mg and calculate the oven dry weight of test specimen.
  • Take the dried specimen in beaker and boil it gently for 1 hour with 150 ml of soap solution.
  • After one hour, squeeze the test specimen and transfer to a beaker containing 150 ml of sodium carbonate solution and boil for half an hour.
  • Take out the test specimen; wash it thoroughly with hot water for about 20 minutes.
  • Again dry the test specimen in oven for 2 hours, weigh to constant mass.
  • Determine the oven dry weight of the test specimen.


Calculate the scouring loss by the following formula

Scouring loss, percent = 100 x (W1 – W2) / W

  • W1 = oven dry weight, in g, of the specimen before scouring.

  • W2 = oven dry weight, in g, of the specimen after scouring


REFERANCE: – IS 1582:1968- determination of scouring loss in silk textiles materials.

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