Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of Analytical balance

SOPs of Analytical Balance

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of Analytical balance


 It SOPs covers the procedure for the operation of Analytical balance. 






It is a balance that shows the weight of a substance digitally and is used to weigh chemicals in labs.


  • Make sure that the balance is kept clean.  
  • Ensure that the calibration status is valid. 
  • Ensure that spirit level is in the center of the circle. 
  • Connect the power cable to the mains and switch ‘ON’.
  • Warm up the balance.
  • Apply power in advance for one hour or more. This will allow you to immediately make an accurate measurement.
  • Even if the balance is not used, keep the standby mark lit (warm-up state) by pressing the POWER/BRK key without disconnecting the AC adapter. ► If the balance is not used for one month or more, disconnect the AC adapter.
  • Preparation for weighing making a measurement mode > Press the POWER/BRK key. The standby mark goes off and all displays light. Check that there is no segment that is not lit. ► The balance shows zero and enters the measurement mode.


  • When using a tare, load the tare on the pan and press the TARE key after a stability mark is lit. ► Check that the display shows zero.
  • Load a sample. When the stability mark is lit, read the display. If the total mass of the sample and tare exceeds the weighing capacity, “OL” will be displayed.
  • X Tare: A sample container or other. Stability mark (→): Lights when the displayed value falls within the stability band. When the load change is slow, the displayed value will fluctuate with the stability mark lit.


  • Do not weigh on the pan directly. Always use butter paper. 
  • Do not place heavy glassware on the pan. It may damage the instrument 
  • Do not weigh corrosive acids & hot materials. > Do not shift the balance once positioned 
  • Do not give a shock to the pan. 
  •  Do not open the balance case.
  • Do not expose the balance to anything magnetized. 
  • Do not connect anything other than the specified equipment to the connector on the rear side of the balance. 
  • After completion of weighing keep the inside area clean.

REFERENCES: Instrument Manual

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