Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of Hot Air Oven

 Standard Operating Procedure of HOT AIR OVEN 

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of Hot Air Oven


To provide a procedure for the operation of Hot Air Oven.






  • Switch on the mains and the instrument and adjust the required temperature by using a thermostat. 
  • Keep the sample in the space provided. 
  • Close the door of the apparatus by tightening the screws provided. 
  • Check the required temperature is reached by the thermometer provided inside of the oven.
  • Switch off the instrument and open the door for removing samples.
  • Close door after removing samples.


  • Do not give a shock to the Oven.
  • Do not connect anything other than the specified equipment to the connector on the rear side of the oven.
  • Never heat any flammable material or combustible materials inside the oven. Use thermal gloves or tongs to remove the workpiece from the oven.

REFERENCES: ► Instrument Manual

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