Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of Colorimeter

Standard Operating Procedure Colorimeter

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of Colorimeter


To ensure correct method of operation för Colorimeter


Testing Executive/ Chemists


Lab Manager


  • Insert mains cable in 230V A. C. outlet. 
  • Switch ON the instrument.
  • Insert the desired colour filter in the slot provided. Press it fully and ensure that lamp is switch ON perfectly. Wait 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Remove Test tube from test rube holder, if any 
  • Insert test tube containing black solution. 
  • Set Blank controls judicially to read 000 on display. 
  • Replace the test tube containing the blank solution by test tube containing the unknown solution and note the display reading. 
  • Repeated upper step.


  • Do not disturb “Zero” and “Blank” controls while measuring the standard/sample solution.

REFERENCES: Instrument Manual

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