Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of Flame Photometer

Standard Operating Procedure Flame Photometer

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of Flame Photometer




To ensure correct method of operation for Flame Photometer.


Testing Executive/ Chemists


Lab Manager




  • Ensure that the Air-Tube, Gas-Tube and the Drain Tube are properly connected.
  • Switch on the Compressor, Ensure that the output pressure is closed to 0.50kg/cm2.
  • Dip the atomizer capillary tube in distilled water & ensure to regulate the drops.
  • Open the FUEL GAS FINE ADJ Valve & adjusted the flame by half turn.
  • Switch on the fuel supply.

General (Electronics)

  • Switch on the FPM Unit 128
  • Wait for ready
  • Click LOGIN / ENTER
  • REPORT:-One can view ALL REPORTS. Exit: – From UTM SET SPEED: – only used machine have variable speed

General (Menu)

  • Press Menu Key from system.
  • Delete all previous setup with Press 1 & 2.
  • Edit Date & time Set Flame as per requirement.
  • Set average time by CLR
  • Set up backup data & concentration as per requirement
  • Started calibration & then sample as per instrument interaction.


  • Before feeding next sample, feed distilled water to the atomizer, say for 5 Sec, to avoid interference of the previous sample. the calibration with standard solutions.
  • Check While switching off the instrument the GAS SHOULD BE CLOSED FIRST. → Aspirate sufficient distilled water, say for 15 sec before switching off the compressor to ensure that the atomizer is fully cleaned and no deposits are left. Do not drain out Air-Filter of the compressor when flame is on. 
REFERENCES: Instrument Manual

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