Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs ) of Muffle Furnace

 Standard Operating Procedure – Muffle Furnace

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs ) of Muffle Furnace


To provide a procedure for the operation of Muffle furnace.







  • Check that the power supply to the instrument is switched “OFF”.
  • Ensure that the Muffle Furnace is not in hot condition or in operation while cleaning.
  • Clean the instrument externally with clean dry cloth.


  • Ensure that the instrument is connected to the power supply.
  • Switch “ON” the main power supply, glowing of red light at mains indicates the power supply
  • Switch on the instrument by ON position which leads to activation of green control bulb and the temperature controller.
  • Set the temperature required by pressing and holding the red ‘PRESS TO SET button and rotate the adjusting screw to set the required temperature and release the push button.
  • The digital display shows the actual temperature of furnace and the red light of the temperature controller glows.
  • When the temperature reaches the setting point, the red light of the temperature controller automatically switched “OFF” and the green light will glow. The equipment is now ready for operation.
  • If any discrepancy is observed during operation, inform the maintenance department for rectification.


  • Do not give a shock to the Muffle furnace. Do not connect anything other than the specified equipment to the connector on the rear side of the Muffle furnace.
  • Never heat any flammable material or combustible materials inside the Muffle furnace. 
  • Use thermal gloves or tongs to remove work piece in the Muffle furnace.
REFERENCES: Instrument Manual

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