Determination of Colour Fastness to Organic solvent – Textile material


colour fastness to organic solvent - Textile

Colour Fastness to Organic Solvent


  1. Suitable
    container (with means of agitation)
  2. Adjacent multi fabrics (10X4cm)
  3. Grey Scales                                                                      



  • Trichloroethylene or Perchloroethalene



  1. Condition the sample to
    moisture equilibrium in standard atmosphere temperature 27±2 oC and
    HR 65± 2 %.for 24 hour.
  2. Place the composite specimen
    and the solvent in the container.

  3. The liquor ratio is 40:1
  4. Agitate the specimen by hand
    with glass rod for 30 min( in room temperature)
  5. The specimen should be pressed against the
    container every 2 min with glass rod without removing the specimen from solvent.
  6. Remove the specimen squeeze and
    dry it air at 80 ±2oC without unstitching.
  7. Take the precaution necessary
    for safety in drying explosive solvent.
  8. Remove the stitching,
  9. Evaluate the change on colour
    of the treated specimen by method IS 768-1982.

Note: If sample is multicolor fabrics- minimum one sample for each colour


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