Resolution power ( Calibration of UV-Spectrometer ) – Toluene

Calibration of by UV Resolution power Toluene

0.02 % ( v/v ) Toluene solution

Take 20 μl of Toluene and dissolve & make up to 100 ml with Hexane.

Go to Spectrum mode

  • Make sure that Reference and sample cell holder is empty and press button for baseline correction(230 to 330). 

Note:-(before use check the hexane for transmittance, using water as a blank between 230 nm to 330 nm & use only if transmittance is not less than 97%).

  • Then keep the 0.02 % Toluene solution in the sample cell holder & using Hexane as a blank 
  • Close the cell compartment 
  • Scan in the range of 230 to 330 nm for spectrum.
  • And record the observed Abs. 

Acceptance criteria:-

Ratio = Absorbance at 269 nm / Absorbance at 266 nm = Not less than 1.5

Screenshot of Resolution power

Screenshot of Resolution power

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If calibration is satisfactory then affix the status label on it with the next due calibration date.


Once in a 3 month


Indian Pharmacopoeia/ British Pharmacopoeia/ US Pharmacopoeia / TGA Appendix D SOP : Operation Of Spectro Photometer

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